SoDA - Documentation


Download SoDA and extract it to some directory.

“Windows protected your PC” message on first startup

According to your security settings, when starting SoDA.exe for the first time you will get the following message on startup:

Unknown publisher warning on startup

Click on “More info” and you will see this:

Unknown publisher warning after click on 'More Info'

Click “Run anyway” and SoDA will start:

SoDA startup

After clicking “Run anyway”, there will be no warning anymore.

Pin SoDA to taskbar

For fastest access, pin SoDA to your taskbar. To do this, start SoDA.exe, right-click the SoDA-Icon in the taskbar and select “Pin to taskbar”:

Pinning SoDA to taskbar

Unpin SoDA from taskbar

To unpin, right-click the icon and select “Unpin from taskbar”:

Unpinning SoDA from taskbar



Start SoDA, open the video in the browser and drag the video link on the SoDA window (click to enlarge):

Drag video link on SoDA window to start downloading & splitting

If everythings is fine, SoDA will display a thumbnail and the tracklist:

SoDA displaying thumbnail and tracklist

Clicking “Download & Split” starts downloading and splitting the tracks:

Download & Split

When SoDA is finished, you find the album in "%HOMEPATH%\MUSIC\%UPLOADER%\%VIDEOTITLE%".

The downloaded album in Windows Explorer

Importing a tracklist from comments

If the video description doesn’t contain a valid tracklist, often you find a tracklist in the comments section. Just drag the tracklist on the SoDA window and SoDA will use the comment as tracklist:

Tracklist from comments

From here you can move the album folder in your personal music library or import it to your media collection.

Other ways to start downloading

You can also start downloading & splitting by dragging & dropping from the related videos list:

Starting downloading & splitting from a related video


Sometimes the tracklist contains unwanted information. In such case, you can edit the information by hand. To edit a tracklist, double click the cell you want to edit. If you edit the album title, the album title will be changed for all tracks of the album:

Editing the tracklist

Your changes are saved, when the cell looses the focus - i. e. you press the ENTER key, click the “Download & Split” button or another cell.

If you mark/unmark the compilation flag, it will also be set for all tracks:

Editing the compilation flag

If the album is marked as no compilation and you edit the artist, the artist will be set for all tracks.


If SoDA doesn’t download videos anymore

Check for a SoDA update - when the YouTube website changes, the SoDA’s download component needs some time to catch up.


Where are the files saved?

SoDA imports the tracks to %HOMEPATH%\MUSIC\%UPLOADER%\%VIDEOTITLE%.

How do I find my version number?

SoDA displays it on every start in the bottom left corner: